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The God Squad is a game clan community with couple purpose: to have fun, enjoy in teamplay and international friendship. |TGS| is formed like FEAR COMBAT game clan. Old members are high skilled players for this game but from 2013. this clan start with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. So, if you think that you can contribute to our clan please apply to our roster section.

This portal is not only for clan members. Here is welcome also people who want to talk and chat about games. Here you can find also tutorials, game softwares, and admin tools.

We  own to FEAR COMBAT too much so if this is a chance to popularize this game, then future of this game will be immortal. If you are Counter strike player (dont be a silly), try this game and you will forget CS. Fear have similar engine like CS couse is from Sierra Entertainment. This game is absolutely free and all what you need  is to register at, get there serial key and download a game.