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The God Squad is formed 2009. by FULANITO like FEAR COMBAT game clan. This game was already had strong clans so TGS was need lot of energy to stand up. FULANITO could not do that alone. He was recruit some experience players to clan. When UNTAL was join to clan, TGS era began.

Year 2010. KONAZO was join to TGS also. He was a FEAR Combat map creator and fear world architect. That was a gold era of TGS. TGS FEAR server was most interesting and visiting server in Europe. It was Capture The Flag Fear server and it was called "|TGS|MASSACRE"... FULANITO was become more inactive and UNTAL was give to Saw and Zarath leader position.

Clan was rise and shine. There was a lot of clan members from all around a world.

Then, shock. Warner Bros's FEAR Combat site was closed for new serial numbers for this game. So, there was no new players. FEAR was game only for old players who was leave this game one-by-one...

Second Shock was closed FEAR MASTER server by Game Spy. Then MXT clan take situation into their own hands and with Fred.cpp, Phreeze and some experience programmers create new patch for this game and possibilities for new serial keys with new MASTER SERVER...

Now |TGS| is not big clan but have strong relationship between clan members.  Also, we decide to play together Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare couse future of FEAR COMBAT is uncertain and we want some new experience with some other people from matrix world.

So if you want to be a part of our family please APPLY to our clan in our member section.